Ann Carden, Phd., “Something magical happens every Fall in the little coastal town of Cambria, California where our autoharp family gathers at The Cambria Pines Lodge for Pickin’ in the Pines.

Organizers, Dana Whitney and Terry Hall, spend months dotting all the i’s and crossing all the t’s to create a space where we can let go of whatever might be weighing us down and just sink into the joy of playing and singing and cheering each other on.  There are open mike opportunities for all.  Every player is honored no matter where they are on their pathway to proficiency on our “wee box o’ strings”.

Special kudos to this year’s teacher/performers – Ray Choi, Carey Dubbert, Jo Ann Smith, Coleen and Neal Walters, Tina Louise Barr and John Gwinner, and Igor Glenn, the New Christy Minstrel – all of whom offered their time and talent pro bono conducting workshops, leading jams, and giving thrilling performances.

Private lessons were also available, and yummie food, and posh digs, and gorgeous surroundings …. all at a price that absolutely can’t be beat!  Come join us next October … and you’ll see why us “regulars” can’t wait to get together again!”

Karen Starsevich

Karen Starcevich

“I virtually never send pictures of myself but today I am going to make an exception. I think the best way to thank you for all you do to make the Cambria event happen is to share the attached picture. It captures the joy I felt after finishing my 1st solo autoharp open mic. Thanks for creating the venue that allows us all to flourish.”

Karen Starcevich

Anonymous Feedback

“Wonderful how everyone is supported.”

“Lovely event. Good folks all around. I especially love the location. Thank you for everything.”

“Wonderful hotel and grounds. Love Cambria!”

“Thanks for the opportunity -It’s great to have a gathering between CAGs. The smaller group, in a hotel is wonderful.”

“GREAT! Good food, lots of friendly folks, variety of music was a plus. A BIG THANKS to Terry and Dana!!”

“For the years I’ve come to autoharp gatherings, this one was terrific – Lots of good music and camaraderie! Keep up the good work!”

“Lots of fun, good company, learned a great deal.”

“Great time. Thanks for welcoming my wife to the world of live music.”

“All was perfect! I really enjoy the smaller group. Made lots of new friends. Thank you so much. “